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The Elder Financial Safety Center wants you to experience aging on your terms. Most decisions on how we age are made based upon our finances. Regardless of how much is in your bank account, the knowledgeable professionals at the center are here to help.  The center serves ALL adults 50 and over in Dallas County with any income level.  

Our comprehensive one-on-one financial coaching and counseling services include:

  • Financial education and guidance to help you make informed financial decisions

  • A thorough review your financial situation to find ways to increase your income or decrease your expenses

  • Resources and documents necessary for each life stage

  • Assistance with filing complaints if you are a victim of financial fraud

  • Support through every step of the way in your financial journey

To get started, call us at 214-525-6130 or complete a request for an appointment on the contact us page.

An additional financial education program offered is the Money Smart for Older Adults series.  The course is five weeks of intensive financial literacy and exploitation education in informative, interactive and safe learning environment.  You will learn savvy financial decision-making techniques and be empowered to fight off scammers and maintain your independence.

Check out what a participant had to say about their experience in Money Smart for Older Adults.
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