Testimonials 2017-07-31T14:24:59-05:00
Diane’s Story

“The services I have been provided with by the team at the Elder Financial Safety Center have been excellent.  Carl has been a wonderful help to me every month by checking my Long Term Care insurance claims for my husband and helping me submit them.  Steve has helped greatly by looking at my finances and advising me in this area.  My family and I are so grateful for the help and security The Senior Source has given us.”

Margaret’s Story

“Initially, I went in to get information for my mom to make sure I had all the resources I needed to help her manage her finances since she’s needed more help managing her money these last few months.  I think I got more out of the classes for myself than I ever imagined possible!  I’ve still had to call the staff at the Elder Financial Safety Center for questions here and there but I feel so much more well prepared to handle both my mother and my own accounts now.  Thanks to the EFSC for providing these invaluable classes to the public!”